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Johnny Yukon

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on June 1, 2018 - 10:29am
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Johnny Yukon
Los Angeles-based, Philadelphia-bred
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2016 - Present
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Johnny Yukon
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Installation I
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“The songs on Installation I came together like a moving art piece. The videos intentionally resemble different sets or exhibits. Artistically, the elements work in conjunction. It’s like watching a show. Thematically, I’m writing about struggling with love as well as balancing self, success, worth, mental health, and pressure not to fail. A lot of my thoughts come through the lyrics. It’s the most introspective thing I’ve done so far in songwriting. But, this is only my first project... There will be many more installations. When you’re listening to it, I hope you connect. I’ve been in love with lyrics, storytelling, beats, and melodies for my entire life. I want to put those on display. This is something you can listen to on a drive at night when it’s cold out or on an evening flight with headphones on. At the same time, you can dance to it and sing along. My goal is to have Yukon be a whole world you keep coming back to.” - Johnny Yukon
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